Becoming Aware.

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3 min readOct 21, 2020


Who am I? Who is asking?

Awareness being aware of awareness. I am aware that ‘I’ am not ‘I’. A witness of ‘I’. No identification. No attachment. To the experience of ‘I’.

Pure presence. Consciously aware. Connected to all. Beyond identification. Omnificent source. Informing life. Awareness being aware of awareness.

Without form. Eternally free. Beyond thought…

Everything is feedback.

As humans, we process emotion; a reaction to experience informed by our past.

As beings, we witness this reaction free of attachment to it.

To feel fully is to invoke emotion. Expanding awareness, it presents an opportunity to know ourselves. To know our bodies, to know our feelings and more precisely, to know we are neither.

Energy in motion. Flowing freely.

Humans are a collection of experiences. The brain processes these experiences and creates meaning. We interpret this meaning as ‘truth’. We identify with these ‘truths’ and they become us. This identification informs our personality.

This is not us.

We are more than our thoughts; more than our bodies. If we can witness our thoughts, there is an awareness that is non-local and exists beyond the mind. It is omnipresent and omni-considerate, yet it is acutely aware of our unique human state. It is always present and available to us. It cares for us unconditionally. If we allow it.

It is being.

In divine union with the human, it informs our capacity to manifest the non-physical into the physical. It is formless and infinite. All knowing and eternally wise. It is the source of all creation. It is love. It is truth. There is only one. It connects us to life.

Welcome to being human.

A dance with life. An opportunity to grow. Learning to listen and observe. The epitome of wisdom. To become aware of our humanness; of our thoughts, words and actions. To understand the chain reaction. To know that we are none of it and all of it. To become aware of our capacity to choose consciously. To choose thoughts that uplift us. To speak with love and compassion. To act with integrity is an act of divinity. Harmony of thought, word and action, a choice to create consciously. Life is called forth with clarity. Pure creation.

This is how we heal humanity.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the source of our liberation. We are the ripple. When we become aware, we are invited to become conscious creators of our lives. We embody the capacity to choose thoughts, words and actions that create lives that inspire us and others. A drop onto a sea of life. Our conscious choice becomes a seed. Growing into magnificent form. A role model. A guide. Shedding light. Inspiring others to find their light. Awareness is expanding.

A revolution in our evolution.

There is no better time to wake up than now. It’s all that ever is. Forget the past. It does not exist. Stop recreating it. Become present. Feel into the now. Fear does not exist here. Release the future. It does not exist yet. It will only tie you down. Free your mind, free your spirit. Step into the now. Everything that ever is, was and will be exists exclusively in the here and now. Liberated from fears rising from the illusory past and future, we become conscious creators of our reality. Nothing will hold us back.

A divine celebration of life.

Life has no meaning, except for the meaning you choose to believe. If you have a choice in the matter, why not choose celebration. It’s way more fun than suffering. As the Buddhists say, ‘suffering exists and there is a way out’. This is your golden ticket. Choose to celebrate life. You can do it. We believe in you.

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